Aristotle's Wiki

Marc Pierson's writing motivates me to write about Aristotle and encyclopaedias. We may also bring in neurodiversity, systematic thinking and dialogue.

# Aristotle was a Wikipedian

Wiki traditionally is the tool of the librarian, and the encyclopaedic mindset. If Aristotle was to write he would choose a traditional wiki, and while we could ask how he would govern such a wiki, it is not too much of a stretch to imagine that the course material of the Aristotelian School written as a sister project by the Wikipedia Foundation -

# Socrates was not

Socrates would write in Federated Wiki. The catalogue of true ideas would not be his thing. A systematic representation of thought (epistemology) would worry him. Socrates would love Wikipedia, but distrust her.

# Why we worry

So what do we say about the need to bring order or structure to a process of dialogue? - When we see everything decomposed into when and where, into "w"s and "p"s. - When we worry that the the bureaucracy described in the movie Brazil is being called for. - When we intuit that these Accountants of Poetry are destroying our language with self-help books?

# Holding both

When we think these thoughts, I remind myself that Aristotle was Plato - there is no meaningful sense in which these two people were not one connected ecosystem of thought.

We may prefer the Humility of the socratic or scientific method in wiki, and worry about the authoritarian tendency of Wikipedia, democracy and the Tyranny of the Majority. And we can do this while feeling the arrogance of that thought as perceived by the other side of the same person.

We intuit that by bringing time into the mix, or more precisely the post-Darwinian concept of Time (not afforded to the Greeks), we reach an understanding of how structure and change are combined in a dialogue that we can call agile or life-like.