Latest CV

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# Schooling

Medicine 1983-1991 resulting in an MBBS at the University of London and a life-long allergy to white coats. Philosophy 1986-1990 at Birckbeck College London leading to a BA and a love of ideas. Immunology and Bicohemistry BSC and University of London - a first class honors degree awarded in recognition of severe overwork, and a healthy but critical respect for scientific research.

# Geekdom and commerce

Founded the Multimedia Authoring Centre at Charing Cross Hospital (1989 - 1992) - followed by 6 years commercial work, including: Senior Development Editor (Multimedia) at Times Mirror International Publishers - publishing 14 cross-platform multimedia titles. Head of Production at CHBi (New Media Agency) and then Producer at Lowe Interactive (top 10 London based advertising agency). Project manager for open source systems on various projects including web site and video archive for OKTO (2004-2005).

# Culture

Founded Virtual Theatre Company in 1992, first performances in 1993. Worked with Union Dance Company (DTek Warriors), Primitive Science on interactive performances using video projection, and interactive sonic landscapes. Long term collaboration with Rolf Gelhar (composer and producer with Stockhausen), and installations and London and abroad. Elected to Finsbury Park Regeneration Board (2001 - 2003) - started Finfest Arts Festival. MCYP - a commission for the Stoke Newington Arts Festival with Turkish artist Dilek Winchester (1999). Residency at Museums Quarter (Vienna) - Open Secret based on hacked NSA Archive and also in 2004 - The Flower Bank (with Monochrom).

# Skills

I have worked in many fields, but always in interactive media. Whether with collaborative teaching, participatory theatre, advertising agencies, community projects, or as an artist - the common ground involved creating ideas that motivate and engage active participation in projects. My approach to interactive media and game design comes from a life times desire to push this interaction to the limits. I have worked professionally as a graphic designer, authored, shot and edited video works for installation, theatre performances, and short film exhibitions. I have written a number of texts and interactive treatments for recognised theatre and film companies. I am also an experienced computer programmer, particular JavaScript (DOJO), LUA, Groovy and the cross platform literate programming environment LiveCode.

# Previous Work

Kings Ransom 1991-1992: keynote presentation at joint MIT Media Lab and Trinity College Dublin conference. The Kings Ransom was an interactive theatre piece, developed together with Laser Creations, using interactive laser video projection, for outdoor water screens. Vasco 1993: interactive theatre piece involving multiple video projections and live camera work. Performed at Bagleys Studios, Kings Cross. Babel 1994: Arts council funded workshops with Soho based Cell Animation, working with circus performers and real time motion tracking and animation software. Sound Space1994-1995: series on installations and interactive dance preformances, working with the composer Rolf Gelhaar, the performer Olu Taiwo (Dodecahedron), and curator Siraj Izar (Public / Life Strike)

# Commercial Break

1995-1998: Worked for a range of top interactive agencies, and publishers. Developed over 15 cross platform multimedia titles, and was the senior producer for a series of £100k+ projects, for brands ranging from Marlboro, Smirnov, Baileys, Carlseberg, and Bruan. The Interactive Skeleton received the EuroPrix multimedia prize.

Primitive Science at the Purcell Room 1998: massive interactive video projections, synchronised with theatre perfomance for Half Machine. Almost 1999: Arts Council funded series of 6 short films, created for large scale video projection, and based on found virtual landscapes. Union Danse and DTek Warriors 1999: Arts council funded collaboration with, in collaboration with Sony Playstation. I produced interactive visuals based on video game footage from computer games. Performed at theatres and club environments around the UK. Lyndal Jones: demonstration and details from the facts of life 2000: interactive sensory installation at the Ikon Gallery, in conjunction with Artec, involving the design of a custom infrared video sensory environment and 6 networked video projections. Finfest and Culture FM 2001-2003: developed annual community festival in Finsbury Park, together with live internet and FM radio station. MYCP 2002: commission for Stoke newington Festival. Collaboration involving the architect Mark Prizeman, and Turkish artist Dilek Winchester for Anon. Book of Money 2003: gallery commission (fixed media and interactive publication) for gallery in Istanbul. Flat World 2003: social graphing application for collective decision making. Presented at Coded Cultures conference in Vienna -

Public Intelligence Agency 2004: 3 month residency at Museums Quartier Vienna - entitled “Open Secret” based on a Wikileaks style hack of the NSA - the worlds most powerful intelligence agency by the hacker collective (see Quintessenz - Datamining the NSA). Created video wall running with software that encrypted the archive, encoding it into a sound installation and transferring the data by sonic vibrations to a water bottling plant. The resulting beverage was sold as a homeopathic remedy and mixed with the cities drinking water.

Flower Bank with 2004: created cryptographically secure digital currency, based on a legal contract to redeem with pressed flowers. Issued to artists in Vienna.

NetzNetz Liquid Democracy Tour, LabFactory, Sweden and Berlin 2005. Series of talks, workshops, and open source hackdays to develop delegated (proxy) voting system for NetzNetz, to distribute funding from the City of Vienna to the new media arts community.

OKTO TV 2005-2006: Community TV Project Vienna - This work involved developing programme content ideas for a number of new shows, and recruiting and forming a development team to create open source production software to manage the shared production resources. OKTO broadcast on cable and the internet. The majority of their productions have a Creative Commons license, and all productions were fully digital.

Multi-User Deptford (MUD) 2007, was a project created for the London Festival of Architecture, which combined mobile phones, Google Earth, GPS, and a documentary archive in an interactive game format, based around a game of Monopoly. The game engaged the boating community and local residents in a debate regarding the regeneration of their area, and was designed to work in pubs, markets and café's, culminating in a live game show event at the Birds Nest Theatre.

Architex at the University of Kentucky 2008-2009: a year teaching design and architecture students in New Orleans, Istanbul and around Europe, together with Berlin based interdisciplinary practice the ArchiTex. Developed wiki based educational gaming environment, and interactive based conceptual mapping toolkit. Presented synchronous 4 screen Google Earth based flight simulator.

GameRaid 2010: week long residency with Crossover Labs. Developed GameRaid with leading digital agency Oil - and TV Producer Nick Ware (Aster Media). Runners up at Sheffield DocFest Interactive.

OPN Technologies 2010: developed CabLifter - a multiplatform mobile app for European dispatching market -

# Present (2010)

My current focus is on researching and developing the technical and theoretical frameworks for Liquid Law. Liquid Law was presented at City Camp London in November 2010, where it was one of the winners of the pitching competition, and is currently being considered for funding by NESTA and UnLtd. It is also a featured project of the DotGovLabs crowd sourcing platform.

LiveCode TV - it’s like watching paint dry: an innovative collaborative “live coding” environment integrating a distributed versioning system, live streaming, and multiuser chat into a multi-platform development environment for mobile, desktop and web. To be launched at a conference in Los Angeles at the end of April 2011.