Robot in the Room

The metaphor of __The Robot in the Room__ is a visual or spacial metaphor regarding truth.


There is a room with three entities: a robot, a dancer, and an object (of truth). The robot is marching stiffly towards the truth, veering violently from left to right - will it bump into the truth?

Then there is the dancer. Slightly pretentious and animated, he flows across the room, at great speed. Nimbly twirling and pirouetting - showing off to the audience - responding to the room. But he is far away from the truth.

Then there is the audience, placing bets on who will will, and conspiring with each other to cheat. Can they beat the odds, or influence the actions of the players on stage.

Finally there are the producers of the show. They are interested in ratings. Will they finance a second iterations? Will they change the rules? Perhaps teams should compete?

Who will get there first?