Viral Academy

The Viral Academy was an open distributed education project for offline and online group work. The projects aim was to make online learning more social, personalised, and flexible.

Students work in small groups, utilising a light-weight project management methodology that emphasises pair-working and peer evaluation. This methodology has been adapted from Agile Project Management (used in open source software development), and applied to Group Learning.

It is designed to facilitate self-directed learning, and to teach the skills that students and employers need to deliver projects

Viral Academy Philosophy

The philosophy is not one of a standard MOOC. We are not looking to teach online courses that students take in their own time, isolated from others and real world experiences. It is our aim to transform learning by making it not just affordable, but relevant to peoples lives and passions.

Digital Nomads provide inspiration and expertise to our learning community, and Viral Academy learning is designed to create a synergy between Digital Nomadism and Learning so that learning and teaching can take place anywhere.

No qualified teachers needed: Agile project managers instead of teachers.

No exams: whether you learned something well or not is determined by whether you can pass the skill further.

Hybrid - online and offline learning: skillsharing happens in real spaces which is shared online. Work happens in distributed teams. Like this we are aiming to solve the problem of MOOCS not sufficiently increasing student's social capital.

Learning objects: documenting a learning session in a way that it can be used again and build on. Short sumary, links to relevant people, projects, practical examples. Every time the object is used it is modified and updated by participants.

Our aim for this period is to test the methdology, develop a tool kit and a mobile app prototype. Timebank WP plugin is a part of technical infrastructure for the project.